Monday, July 2, 2012

Action Packed Weekend: Sunday

Sunday morning, I drove up to Sausalito to see our friends Lisa, Justin, and their 2 month old baby, Oliver. It was my first time meeting Oliver and he is so cute - so small and precious! We hung out at their place and then walked to the super cute downtown of Sausalito for breakfast.

After breakfast, we went back up to their place and opened the gifts I brought for Oliver. I literally could not control myself in Baby Gap and got him three, cute & preppy onesies and these adorable little slip on shoes.

After seeing the baby, I headed back to SF and took Evie to Baker Beach to run around. She has been ready to lose her mind so I knew I had to get her out and about.

It was overcast so the beach was pretty empty. She had fun running around in the water and going up into the trails. I wish I could take her off leash but we all know that is never going to happen. Just glad I was able to get her out and let her run.

While we were out, Erik was home working on his computer and computer desk. He has been working on creating a media center for us so that we don't have to use the laptop to stream Netflix. He was able to build it and let it live under his desk and we just use a remote to watch everything on TV. So cool!

Now what I did after the beach, is probably a once in a lifetime thing that I was sooooooooo excited for.....

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