Friday, July 27, 2012

Taco Thursday

On Thursday, I packed up my stuff for my last 1/2 day in the office. I stayed at the Westin and I really loved it. Great rooms, beds, towels, and service. They pride themselves on the "heavenly" bedding collection and it was pretty nice.

The service there was great. One day, I came back from running and someone was at the door to give me a towel and water. They had a in-hotel restaurant that I didn’t checkout. They had a cool program that if you refused clean sheets each day, you got a $5 voucher to use at the restaurant or coffee cafĂ©!

For lunch, another food truck came to the office – Jacque’s Tacos. They had a wide variety and were pretty good!


After lunch, it was time to head out. I have to say my company really takes care of their employees. I had a car service pick me up the airport and bring me back. They paid for my flight and hotel, meaning I didn’t have to pay for everything and get reimbursed which was nice!!

The flight was uneventful and direct, which was awesome. One funny thing happened on the plane – to me. You know these pillows?


Well, apparently mine had a little hole in it. I woke up from sleeping only to find myself COVERED in the little beads that are in the pillow. I was so confused at first thinking about where the beads were coming from. Then, I was like, omg. I have the biggest mess on my hands. Betcha didn’t know that those little balls are SUPER STATICKY and they stick to everything including your hands. Oh yah,they do. haha.

I told the flight attendants what happened and they didn’t seem to care so I guess that was one plus! What a pain.

Erik picked me up at the airport which was nice of him. Evie was also excited to see me and it was great to be home!!

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