Thursday, July 19, 2012


Photo from here
This was Erik & I last night at our track workout with TNT.

Yeah Right.

We did run 200 sprints which was FUN and brought me back to my high school days. If you want to read more about our training, you can read about it HERE. Our training and fundraising is going well but if you want to donate to us, you can do so HERE.

We've been working out, running, swimming, pilates, and getting in shape for our big run in October.

In Evie news, she is still waiting to go see this Specialist on the 31st. Then, we will know when she can have her knee surgery. She is limping a little but she wants to run around and play. She is not moping around, that is for sure!

It's Thursday and we are thinking about the weekend....

Erik is  gearing up for his big Alcatraz swim on Sunday! 1.5 miles from Alcatraz to shore. It should be pretty nerve wracking but exciting for him to do!

Our FAVORITE fair is happening this weekend -The Renegade Craft Fair! Can't wait.

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