Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fun in the Sun: 4th of July

4th of July was a fun day for us even though it fell right in the middle of the week! So funny because it felt like Saturday but then we realized we had to go to work the next day.

First up, a run for me, surfing for Erik, and Evie went off to camp!

Afterwards, we went back up to Marin with Betsy & Greg yesterday. First, we stopped at Point Reyes, CA which is a super cute little town and stopped into Cow Girl Creamery. Cow Girl is a cheese shop that makes their own cheese and also sells a ton of other cheese. They make their own cheese right there on the spot!

We then headed over to Nicaso, CA to Rancho Nicasio for their annual BBQ on the Lawn. It is a restaurant & bar with a grassy backyard. We brought blankets to sit on the lawn, had the BBQ buffet, and listened to the band that was playing there. This is what it looked like yesterday:

I took some other pics but I did so with a disposable camera from the wedding to try to use up the remaining shots! It was a nice, relaxing, and fun people-watching event. We just chilled on the lawn in the sun, ate good food, and had a good time. Once again, it was nice to get out of SF and enjoy some sun & heat. We really love Marin County. It is filled with nature and you are close enough to the city to go in and out whenever you want. I think it also reminds both of us of CT and that is another reason why we like it up there so much.

After our day in Marin, we picked Evie up at camp and guess what, she got hurt. They said they were throwing the ball for her, she jumped up and landed weird on her leg. She was only walking on three legs when I picked her up :-( I carried her to the car and into the house. She laid on the couch the rest of the night.
Of course, I am thinking the worst such as a torn ACL or something but this AM, she hobbled all the way to Alamo Sq, went the bathroom, ate breakfast fine, and was trying to walk on her leg. I am going to see how she does today & then if she still won't use her leg tomorrow, see if we can get into the vet. :-(

 Fireworks happened all over the Bay Area yesterday too, however we didn't see any. We definitely heard some in the neighborhood though!

Happy 4th of July!

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JP said...

DId you take that picture of the fireworks behind the GGB? If so, wow! Stunning! I love following your marathon training :) Living vicariously through you!! Keep up the good work!