Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bad Beauty

I have been really needing to get my eyebrows done & a mani and pedi. I worked from home today and walked over to a place nearby. I have been there once before for everything. Last time I was there, this sweet woman did everything but her daughter was there. This girl must be maybe 7 years old. I think that I went on a school holiday or something and that is why she was there.

Well, today I went & she was there again. She is SO annoying & her mother just let her yakkety yak to me. She was sitting in the seat next to me trying to play I Spy. How ridiculous is that?? Finally, her Mother told me to leave me alone. The Manicure/Pedicure was fine.

Then, when I paid her, she tried to tell to tell me she didn't have change for a $10. Then, she was like oh wait and found a different drawer with singles. Can you believe she was possibly going to let me believe that she didn't have change. That is the last time I am going there. I really don't need to spend money to be annoyed by a child for an hour!

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