Friday, July 23, 2010

The Good Guy

Wow, I watched a horrendous movie tonight. I wanted to love this movie because Rory Gilmore is in it. But, it was bad. Alexis Bledel played, Rory. Just like she did in Post Grad. Can someone please get this girl a new role? She needs an Ari Gold in her life to find her new & exciting roles. Expand her horizons in her career.

But anyway - the movie was like watching a day in the life of 3 Manhattanites. Beth is dating Tommy but likes Daniel. Tommy is dating many more women than just Beth. So, you can imagine what happens.

In the beginning of the movie, it's all about Beth going on a trip to Italy for work. The trip gets cancelled & she gets offered a job in SF. However, this story line never gets developed. She doesnt agonize over moving to CA. She hardly talks about it - it's not a huge problem in her life but it pops up about 2 more times in the movie but is never really figured out. Thought that was strange.

I REALLY think that Daniel, in the movie, looks like Erik. Does anyone else think so??

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Kittie Flyn said...

i've realized that lauren graham only plays lorelei characters, even in parenthood and her other roles. alexis bledel only plays rory. i wish they could branch out!!!