Thursday, July 15, 2010

Banged up car & dog & boy

To start this post, last night Betsy came over & we had dinner and lots of wine which was really fun. So that was a great Wednesday night!

First up, our car hood got dented. Someone backed into the front of car, denting the hood and knocking our poor little Honda symbol off the car. So sad. The car is approx 6 yrs old and the outside is so beat up. We park on the street and people bump into us all of the time. I don't think we're going to get the hood fixed because the cost will be more than it's worth. There is a high chance of it happening again. We might try to hammer it out ourselves but I think we really need to come to grips that our car looks a little ghetto. :-(

Second, Evie got kind of jumped last night. We walked into the park where her boy Jasper was. This other dog that looked just like Evie except she was black & white, named Lucy, was also there. Lucy started to trot over & her owner must have seen something in her b/c she was telling Lucy to behave. We walked away b/c Evie was sniffing, etc. Jasper came over to play with Evie. They started to play and suddenly, Lucy came over and jumped on Evie. The owner was yelling "Lucy, no, no, no stop". Lucy grabbed Evie by the back of the neck skin(thankfully she has a lot of extra). I had to pull Evie away and she grabbed Lucy. The dogs scratched me & my leg was bleeding. Wonderful. Evie has a little puncture wound but I cleaned her off in the tub & I think she is fine. Unreal. If your dog is going to go crazy, GET HER ON A LEASH.

Third, Erik is sick. I think he has a cold. Some people on his hockey team have a cold. He has a sore throat & cough. I hope he is not really sick!!

Thank goodness it's Thursday. Busy day & half of the day at the Client. I have dinner plans tonight at a new restaurant....Roam.

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