Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Long Walks

Last night, I rushed home to walk Evie & eat a quick dinner before Bingo. So, Bingo is really funny sometimes. If one letter/number combo comes up every game, some of the ladies get mad. They keep a little post it note and mark down when it comes up. Last night was B11. I pull a few numbers at a time so that I dont have to mix up the balls every call. Well, B11 came up EVERY game. One lady (who wears sunglasses while she plays) was making this grunt every time it came up. So, if it came up, I didn't call it. haha. I guess this is cheating but honestly, I knew they were getting mad!!

Oh well. I got home around 8 and Evie & I went for a long walk. We walked for about an hour. I let her lead. We ended up deeper in the Castro this time. I found a cute little bar called, The Residence that I want to try. It looked like someones living room or library inside. Also, found this really weird store called My Trick Pony. I'm going to assume this means something that I don't understand. Wait, I looked it up and it looks like a t-shirt store. However, they had all of these weird pony figurines in the store window.

(I remember having this toy when I was younger. It was on springs & made neigh sounds)


Also saw some items that I didn't know what they were. Can you help? Bahahaha. Things that were so relevant just a mere few years ago.

Wait, so let me get this straight. People used to have to plug this into the wall to hear music? How much does this thing weigh?

???? Is this a phone? What is that cord doing on there? You mean, people used to have to find one of these in town to make a call? haha

Anyway.....After Evie & I walked forever, she came home & got a bath. Then, she passed out on the couch. The walk tired her out. I think the mental workout of seeing/smelling new things helped. I guess this is the new workout for her for now!

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