Friday, July 30, 2010

Long, Foggy Walks

Well, it was SUPER Foggy & cold last night. When I got home, it must have been about 58 degrees. It was sooooo windy. People had winter hats on! The fog swirls and is a light mist and is cold....

Well, I was determined for Evie & I to do a 3 mile walk. I mapped it out on Then, we got a little lost. haha. Oh well, we still did 3 miles and we got to explore! Check out how we realized we were going the wrong way & back tracked. I really wanted to walk thru Cole Valley, which we finally made it to.

I love that SF is a residential city. There are beautiful homes here with little yards & gardens. It makes me feel like we don't live in a city sometimes!

Cool Door

Another cool door

We made it to Cole Valley. A few blocks of cute shops, restaurants, etc.

Mani/Pedi place

Cute little, dive looking bar

Bambino Italian Restaurant smelled amazing!

When we got home, Evie was still ready to play. After she ate, she calmed down & then fell asleep on the couch. Her energy levels never cease to amaze me. I tried to watch The Color Purple. Did not like & do not recommend. Read the book, instead.

Also, I watched that show - Boston Med(?) where they follow doctors among three big hospitals in Boston. It was SO sad when a baby had to have surgery because his lungs/heart werent hooked up properly. THEN, the doctor went in and did the surgery WRONG. He had to admit it to the parents and then re-do the surgery. The baby was able to go home when he was 4 mos old. I hope they sued for malpractice and got a shit ton of money. SO sad. I cannot imagine giving birth and then immediately putting your kid in the OR.

It's Friday! Here's to the weekend.....

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