Sunday, July 18, 2010

Party in the 'Burbs

Yesterday, we went out to Pleasant Hill, CA which is about 40 min east of SF. We went out there for a birthday party for Owen, who turned 3. Owen is the son of our friends Kelsey & Sean. Erik & Sean play hockey together. They have an awesome house in a great town. It's WARM out there - it feels like a real summer. No fog & grayness like we have in the city. They have a big fenced in yard & a big area for a garden. It was so nice & warm and QUIET there. No sirens or crazy things happening nearby. No homeless people yelling at the sky. We were both like - let's move here.

It was HOT yesterday - in the 80's or 90's. They rented a huge water slide. Which, all of the adults went on. It was so funny. You would slip down really fast and slam into the "wall" on the bottom of the slide. I think Kelsey took some pics that we'll have to get our hands on.

We've been talking about moving now for approx 6-8 mos and we always say, yeah but not now. However, we've been talking a lot about Erik's job & if he should start looking for something else. This was a good starter position for him but now it's time to move on. It would only make sense to move outside, if he was able to get a job outside the city. We could rent an entire house for what we pay for our tiny apartment.

I think we are feeling like we've enjoyed our time in the city but this apt is so tiny & we have a desire for more space, quiet, etc. This won't happen any time soon but I think we are both ready for a change....

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