Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lights Out

SO, Erik said I was cheating when I didn't call B11. I guess I should just call what comes up & let them get mad. What do you think??

Last night, I made more falafel & tabouleh for Erik & I. His hockey game wasn't until 11 so we had time to spend together. Then, he plugged in the little heater and blew a fuse. Oops. So, this happened when Marla came to visit in Dec and I just flipped the switch on this box that Erik has all of these plugs going into. That didn't work. We knew we needed to flip the acutal switch on the circuit thing but have no clue where it is. So, Erik called PG&E to come out. WE waited approx 2 hours. It was fun. We sat in silence and at dinner and chatted. I secretly hoped that the guy wouldn't come and I could lay there and read my book with a flashlight and pretend I was Jo March. But, he came to fix it. The Guy literally went downstairs, found the thing & flipped the switch. Well, now we know where it is.


Moonlady said...

what's B11 ??
be careful overloading circuits, you can cause a fire ---

Heather M said...

B11 is one of the bingo #s. B is 1-15, I is 16-30, etc. B-11 kept coming up like EVERY Game and those ladies were getting mad.