Sunday, July 25, 2010

Habitat for Humanity

Yesterday, Amy & I did Habitat for Humanity in Oakland. This job was a lot different from our experience in June, in Bay Boint. We worked in a new, Habitat village that was being built. The land had previously been an abandoned field. Now, 20 new homes stand on the land. Amy & I worked together putting in a floor in a bathroom.

The house we worked in

Habitat Village. I wonder what the feeling is, in the community, about this area. I wonder if people are proud to live in such nice homes but know they are Habitat. Or, if there is a sitgma that living in a Habitat home is a bad thing. I'm not too sure....

The cool homes in the village

Getting started. We sanded down any bumpy areas & vacuumed up any debris.

Laying out the tiles to see how we are going to do this...

Laying out the tiles. We first had to make a chalk line to line the tiles against. This resulted in re-positioning the tiles to make sure they lined up like ten times!

Heather the Tool Lady. Just kidding. I found this tool belt in the tub & had to put it on.

Ugh, we had to cut around the toilet. Amy had a wonderful idea to use the chalk line tool to rub the shape onto the tile so that we could cut it. It worked out well.

Laughing, trying to get the circle shape laid out properly. I think this is a funny picture. A)I was laughing but B)I look like i have a sweater tied around my neck. I really don't. I had a long sleeve tshirt that I took off & tied in a weird way around me. hah

The finished product!! We cut all of the tiles precisely so that the next group can come in & glue them all down. Once we were done with this room, we started on another but the day was over before we knew it.

Of course, we had a lot of fun just working together in the bathroom all day. We had a cool leader named Blythe, who is an Americorps volunteer. We also had an awesome lunch that included a side of Cool Ranch Doritos & Rice Krispie treats. Yum.

Amy & I have a company that we started. It's called - Renegade Contractors. We are slowly building our contracting portfolio up. SOon, we will have a business sales video. We envision it will be similar to Prestige Worldwide:

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