Thursday, December 13, 2012

Book of Mormon

Last night, my friend Nicole and I went to see Book of Mormon. The theatre was PACKED and we had balcony seats. Our friend Carrie got us these tix on an Amex pre-sale day when tickets sold out in a matter of hours. Crazy!

The show had one of my favorite Broadway stars, Gavin Creel, as the lead character - Elder Price.

He was amazing! He is such a great singer and performer.

The Book of Mormon was Tony Award Show of the Year and has won a ton of awards. I have to say, I didn't love it. There are a ton of fun songs and dances with some very talented people. I just think this is a strange premise for a show making fun of Mormons.

Overall, I felt bad for the Mormons.

I know the South Park writers wrote this and they have quite the sense of humor. This was just really over the top. Not really knowing much about Mormonism, this show pointed out that apparently there are some things they believe in that seem a little strange. Maybe this show was really making fun of all organized religion.

I guess I just walked out of there feeling like we made fun of people for 3 hours and who deserves that? How does this help anyone accept other people & their personal choices? I guess over the years I really believe To Each, His Own and this show was far from that. I really do just prefer Broadway shows that are happy and uplifting. I like to walk out of there singing and happy which is why my favorite shows are Hair, Hairspray, Wicked, etc. I've seen Les Mis and Phantom - terrible! hah.

BOM had a lot of talent, some great theatrics, and songs which I have been singing. I just didn't like the message which is why I'm buying my next tix to Anything Goes and Jersey Boys!

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