Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday in Burlingame

Today, we woke up to MORE rain. It was pouring and so windy out. It was windy all night to the point where our crappy, old SF windows were rattling. The corner was also flooding again and this time I got some video.

 Our intersection and the one a block up were totally flooded. When thinking about our "flooding" versus true, scary, hurricane flooding, I know we don't have anything to worry about. The rain stops and we never have to worry about our homes flooding or any crazy damage happening. Our weather is pretty great most of the year so when it's the rainy season, it really is just giving us something to talk about rather than worry about!

Around noon, the rain stopped and the sun came out. Very bi-polar weather! We did some errands including one big errand down to Burlingame, CA to a car dealership. Erik is looking into getting his own car since we currently share a car and it's hard to share sometimes! We've been sharing my car for five years now but now that I work in Oakland, I have the opportunity to drive to work (& get my parking paid for). I want to take advantage of a shorter commute that might actually save me money but sometimes it's hard to sync my leaving for work with Erik coming home from surfing in the AM. A 2nd car will definitely solve a lot of scheduling issues during the week and weekend.

Burlingame is a super cute town with a downtown packed with great shops and restaurants. (Think downtown Westport, CT-ers)

We stopped at Steelhead Brewery for a late lunch.
Yum - BBQ Chicken Salad 

Erik had a garlic chicken and pepper pizza

We grabbed a Starbucks(first Gingerbread latte of the season!) before heading back to SF. A super rainy day turned into a great one! 

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