Tuesday, December 18, 2012


On Sunday, I put on some holiday gear to do some errands. Oh yeah! Whenever I wear this bracelet, it makes me think of "my Christmas charrrrrm bracelet", from Santa Clause 2:

Holiday socks
My Ho Ho Ho! sparkle shirt
Even Erik got his holiday gear on. haha

We had a cookie swap at work on Monday and I made cranberry white chocolate cookies, my fave. I really don't like chocolate so this is one of my favorite cookies!

Quick holiday photo before our dinner at Wente.

Here is the top of our 9' tree...
Here is a shot of our tree lookin' a hot mess. Ever since it fell on Erik, we didn't really fix it. Hence, the ribbon all jacked up on the tree. Ohhhhh well. I don't see Better Homes & Gardens coming through any time soon.haha

Few more days of work to get through before some time off. We are feeling like we are in Finals mode - having a lot of work to do, not wanting to do it, etc....We're outta here on Thursday for CT.

Anyone heading somewhere fun for the holidays??

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