Friday, December 14, 2012

Heart Breaking

This is hitting me hard. I know we have been through this with VA Tech, the movies, the mall, Columbine but this was a half hour from my home town.

WE know people who are teachers in CT, who might have kids in these schools, and the fact that over 20 people are dead is just shocking. It is terrifying that you could go to work one day and you might not have a child when you come home. What if this was just one town over or one town 30 mins south?

I thought of all of those parents who work in NYC and heard about this - how do you get home to see if your child is ok on a 2 hr train ride?

I think this one is really hitting me because of how close to home it is. It's also hitting me because Erik and I could have kids one day and the fact that this could happen to one of our kids, is sickening. Terrible. Heart Breaking.

I think of those parents with a closet full of presents for their kids at Christmas next week. The older siblings who lost their little brother or sister. The future of all of these young kids and parent and families - ripped away.

The only thing to do is live openly. Freely tell everyone how much you care about them and how great they are. never know if today is the last day you will have with them.


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