Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hello from Evie

Wanted to share a few recent photos of Evie...She is going to camp tomorrow, which always makes me sad. I miss her so much when we are away and feel bad leaving her on Christmas :-(

We took her with us for a ride this weekend and she couldn't really fit in the back seat because surfboards were in the car. She will sort of sit in my lap in the front sometimes. This time, she crawled into the foot space of the passenger seat and just rode like that. It was hilarious!!

It is cold here - 37 degrees this AM and only in the 40's today!! Evie LOVES the space heater. Put this thing on and she goes right to sleep. This weekend, it was cold out and the heater was on. She pulled the blanket off the couch and took a nap in front of the heater. Too precious!

 Here she is again, just watching our every move. She loved the cookie baking this holiday season as she loves to lick what drops and get a lick of the spoon. haha

Can you believe she is turning 7 in February? I cannot. People still ask us if she is a puppy!

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