Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Evie News and Falling Christmas Trees

Tuesday was a day of driving around like crazy. I was up very early and drove out east to Pleasanton for a meeting (about 45 min away). Drove home to SF for a few hours. Then drove up North to Mill Valley for Evie's doctor appointment. Whew. I was tired.

Here is Missy Miss sitting in the weirdest way. She was propping herself up while I ate lunch & she begged. What a weirdo. She did her usual antics of whining and panting when we GOT OFF THE EXIT. She was panting like a madman in the Vet. We waited 20 min, they took her for an x-ray, and she was done in about 5 min. I promptly put her back in the car so she could calm down. 

I looked at the x-ray with the doctor (who is so awesome - Dr. Sams!) and we got news that Evie CAN GO BACK TO CAMP!!! Yippeeeeeeeee. He said she has to "ease into running around" and will be super tired but this is big news. Now, we will feel much better leaving her over the holidays knowing she can run and play. 

After the Vet, we stopped to drive by an apartment we had seen on Craigslist. It looked awesome - great complex, garage, etc. The woman called me back for the place and said those awful words "you can have a QUIET dog". Yah that will never happen. What is a quiet dog anyway? I think Craigslist should have a box to check for Kids, just like cats and dogs. They don't ever ask, do you have a baby that will cry and keep the neighbors up? 

Anywayyy, we got this super cute ornament from Kimmy this week commemorating our wedding anniversary!

Erik also knocked over the tree last night. haha. He was climbing underneath it to fix a plug and pushed the tree somehow, onto his back. Next I hear, Heather help me! My first words were "Oh no! My ornaments!" haha.

To wrap up the day, Betsy and I had a pie date at Chile Pies. I had a slice of pear cranberry that was delish. Nice alternative to the usual meeting up for drinks and got to try out a new place!

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