Friday, December 7, 2012

SFGMC Santa Concert

 On Thursday, Erik and I went to my new favorite event in SF for the holidays. We went to the SF Gay Men's Choir holiday show. We went last year on Christmas Eve and we loved it. It was held in the Davies Symphony Hall, which is a beautiful venue. There was an orchestra playing along with the choir and it was such a great show. They did a really cool rendition of Little Drummer Boy which they said was the hardest song they've ever done due to all of the different parts people sang.

 The first half of the show is pretty formal. All of the men are in tuxedos and they sing beautifully. There is one part of Silent Night where they actually sign the chorus and there is no music playing. The entire hall was silent while watching.
 The second half of the show is more fun & funny. They were all in Santa suits and sing variations of songs. As we saw last year, there was also a guest appearance of a drag queen who they introduced as Mrs. Claus but then the song was about how Santa is actually gay. haha. Last year it was a song about Rudolph being gay.

One of the funniest performances was  when they sang holiday songs to the theme of Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, and Rent. It was great!!

 It really was a great show. This is definitely a new tradition for us to come to the show and we loved it! This was a long show and we were there from 8-11pm whereas the Christmas Eve show is only about an hour or hour 1/2.
City Hall was also dressed up for the holidays! It was a pretty great Thursday night.

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