Friday, December 28, 2012

Travel Woes and Pizza Party

Last Thursday, I dropped Evie off at camp in the AM and went to work for the day. We worked all day and then hopped on our flight to NYC.  Our flight was at 9:30pm out of SFO to head back East. We connected in LAX and got delayyyyeed. We were supposed to land at 11 and leave at 11:30. We landed at 11 and left at 2am because we were waiting for a plane to come in from Chicago (where they had that huge blizzard that day!)

We slept on and off for the flight and got picked up by my Brother In-Law's girlfriend, Laura, when we landed at 10am(not 8am as planned). We headed up to Milford and went to Erik's parents house where we had some home made soup and fell asleep. Naps after red eyes are those in which you are dead to the world, so comfortable you can't move, and are slobbering on the pillow. haha.

 This is Erik's family's new cat - Lyla. She is a kitten and sooooo cute. She loves to play & lets you pick her up!
 On Friday night, we had a fun time because we invited our CT friends over to my parents place for a pizza party. My how times have changed from our bar hopping nights. This time, our friends brought their kids over and it was great to see everyone.

Got to meet our friend Tara's new baby, Emma!

We had my FAVORITE pizza in the whole world - Papa's Pizza. So so good. We had a LOT of wine which is always great. We also played some hilarious rounds of Loaded Questions. That game can get out of control and when it does, it's pretty hilarious. ha!

The night ended around midnight, which was pretty late considering we were up for half the night the previous night. It was all worth it to get to see our friends in one spot while we were home. Little Shea passed out on the carpet while playing with his trains. Too cute!

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