Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

On Christmas morning, we first had breakfast and opened gifts with Erik's parents and brother. Their cat, Lyla, had fun playing with the paper and boxes!

We moved onto my parents house for more delicious food. We had a great dinner of crab stuffed shrimp which I loooooveeeee! I got a hilarious ring from Kimmy which I love! Also, got the awesome iPhone 5. For those who saw my iPhone 4, you are probably grateful I finally got a new phone. The iPhone 4 was cracked beyond belief and I was holding it together with masking TAPE!
We sort of had a white cat growing up (aka we "watched" the neighbors cat for like 2 years and kept him in our house) in which we adored and made up a multi-verse song about his antics. Whenever we see a white cat, we reminisce about that cat. This cat ring had us DYING with laughter. 

Evie also got this super cute ornament from her Auntie. 

We opened gifts and then Erik's brother, and our friends Marla and Mike came over. We pulled out Loaded Questions and played that again. We also played Catch Phrase until everyone got tired and went home. It was a fun Christmas!!

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