Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday Party Day

On Saturday, we had three holiday parties to attend. I really didn't know if it would really happen, and it didn't. There is no way you can jam three events into your day and truly enjoy yourself.

We started the day with Erik heading to the beach and I went downtown to pick up some things. We are seeing my friend Lisa and her baby, Oliver, today so I wanted to get him a gift. We have our "Jingle Beer Run" next week, so wanted to make sure we had fun shirts for that, and also picked up some holiday stuff for the house at Bath & Body Works.

Downtown was a zoo, of course. It was "We live outside of the city and want to make a day of shopping in SF" day so that meant long lines and crowded sidewalks. Some people really like the hustle and bustle but I don't. I prefer ordering everything online and spending my time with friends for the holidays. But, I digress. Bath & Body Works was having "Buy 2, get 1 free" sale plus I had a coupon for a free item which was great. Got the gift and the shirt so all was accomplished.

After shopping and surfing, we headed up to Novato to our friend Vic & Katy's home. They have a new house in Novato that is awesome. They have a nice big deck that we sat out on all afternoon. There were some other people from the hockey team and their wives, so it was great to see everyone. It was SO nice to chill, eat delicious food, and just relax. The time came where we would've had to leave for our next party and we decided not to go. We would have had to drive down into SF, taken Evie out, and then headed over the other bridge east. We would've been late and not there very long. :-(
 Here's the view of the sun setting from the deck!

Instead we swung by Bailey's party on the way home from Marin which was on our way home - perfect! We were so tired when we got home but it was such a great day. We feel so happy to have great friends!

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