Sunday, December 30, 2012

Heading back to CA

On Thursday, we headed back to CA. We take afternoon flights now so that we can get a chance to wake up at a normal hour, say our goodbyes, and still make it back to CA in the early evening. I got a chance to stop by my Grandparents house to say bye and we went by the Luna's to say goodbye, too. 

Kimmy drove us down to JFK for our flight which was super nice of her.

The cat, named Woodrow Poodgerow the II, made his first flight. haha. I'm thinking of making a Tumblr for his adventures because I can see him going far in life. Bahahaha

We left a little late from NYC due to tons of plane traffic at the airport but made it home only 20 min late. We were able to pick up Evie boo! Soooo great to be reunited. 

Evie loved her new twinsie ornament!
We had some dinner and called it a night - glad to be home!

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