Friday, December 28, 2012

NYC Sunday

Sunday was another awesome day because Kimmy and I had our Super Sister Sunday in NYC!! We hopped the train down to the city for lunch and a show. We have done this a few times of  going down the city for a show as our Christmas gift rather than spend the money on gifts. We do this really fun day and then give each other some smaller gifts. 

We started by having lunch at Puttanesca

We split the Caprese salad to start and then shared our lunches with one another. 

 We had the veggie pannini that was delish. It had eggplant, peppers, zuccini, pesto, etc.
 We also had the spaghetti and meatballs which were delish!

After lunch, we headed to Imperial Theatre to see Nice Work If You Can Get It. 
 Matthew Broderick (yep, Ferris Beuller) and Kelli O'Hara star in the show and it was great! It was strange to see Matthew Broderick on stage and in person. haha. The show was funny and full of great talent, songs, and dance! Gwyneth Paltrow's Mother, Blythe Danner, was also in the show!
Here's a little bit about the show -
It's the Roaring Twenties, and a cast of outrageous characters gather in New York to celebrate the wedding of a wealthy playboy. But things don't go as planned when the playboy meets a bubbly and feisty bootlegger who melts his heart.
The champagne flows and the gin fizzes in the hilarious, Tony®-winning new musical comedy NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT, starring two-time Tony Award® winner Matthew Broderick and three-time Tony Award® nominee Kelli O'Hara. Featuring Tony® winners Judy Kaye (Best Featured Actress in a Musical) and Michael McGrath (Best Featured Actor in a Musical).
It’s an evening bursting with girls, glamour and the glorious songs of Gershwin. 

After the show, we headed home on the train. We were so tired but we had the energy to pick up our favorite buffalo chicken wrap sandwiches from Archie Moore's. Our Aunt Cindy & Uncle Nick were at our house visiting our parents when we got home too! It was so great to see them.

After dinner, we made our descent to the family room where I pulled out all of my old scrapbooks and we were dying laughing over old pictures. This has to be one of my favorites of me from college - It was summer of Freshman year and I cut all my hair off. Ugh! It was such a pain to grow out and I really didn't like it but I guess we all go through our hair phases.

Found this photo of Erik and I from Christmas 2003. Our first Christmas together!! 

Another great day at home!

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