Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wine Hiatus

Erik was off from work on Friday and I worked from home. We felt so BLAH all day. I think it was a combo of the time difference messing us up, coming off all of that rich food we had been eating, and of course, the drinking! 

I think Erik went surfing for awhile and then we just lounged all night. Blahhhhh. 

The feeling didn't go away on Saturday morning either. I had such a headache and didn't feel that well. We took a family walk to a local bike shop and that made me feel better. We stopped at the new, local coffee shop for some coffee and toast. 

Evie sat nicely with me outside, next to another dog!, while Erik went in to get our snack. 
It's Evie's FAVORITE time of the year... "Pee on Christmas Trees" season! This will last until end of January when people continue to put their trees on the street and Evie will take full advantage of new pee spots. 
After the walk, we headed downtown to do some errands. We hit up the mall to check out the post-holiday sales, make a return, and pick up a fun, new gadget. 
We used a gift card and got the pasta attachment for the Kitchen Aid. I used this at the cooking class I took a few weeks ago. It was sooo easy to use and we can't wait to try it out 

After our errands, we stopped by a new place in SF called Jamber Wine Pub. We ordered a drink and some apps only but they had a great looking menu of salads, soups, and pot pies!

 It was happy hour and Erik had a sampler of beer for only $10!

I had a glass of wine and could barely drink it. It gave me such a stomachache. I think I drank too much when we were home and my body is basically like, stoppppppp with the wine. We also had fried pickles and crab cakes when all I really think I needed was a giant salad. 

Time to come back down from the holiday highs and give our bodies a break!

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