Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - What a Year!

2012 was quite the year. A few BIG things happened...

1. We got MARRIED! Mr. and Mrs. in 2012. Our wedding was amazing & so much fun.

2. Honeymoon in Mexico. An awesome time, just the two of us.

3. Evie had her knee surgery :-( This really made us work as a team to care for her!

4. Erik ran a marathon and I ran another half marathon. More importantly, we raised $4,000 for cancer!

5. I changed jobs...for the better and Erik got promoted!

6. Loved working with Girls on the Run this year!

7. Erik swam from Alcatraz

8. Met my Gymnastics Idol

9. BOTH of us surfed this year :-)

10. Spent time exploring our beautiful city.

This was a really wonderful year for us. We are so grateful for our great jobs, living in an awesome city, our health, and all of our family and friends. We didn't endure any weather tragedies or personal loss this year for which we are truly blessed and grateful.

Much of this country has endured tragedy and heartbreak. One of the biggest things that bugs me the most is that 1 out of 10 people in the US are hungry. It really makes you stop and realize how much you have when we realize how much we go out to eat and don't worry about our next meal. One of my favorite charities of 2012 is Blessings in a Backpack. For only $80, you can feed a child for a YEAR. Check it out....

If we learned anything this year, after all the tragedy we have all seen, it is that life is short. Say what you want & need and tell people how much you care about them - always. We never know how much time we each have and you never want to regret not saying what you feel. Live life with a long view lens. Is it going to matter in 5 or 10 years? If not, let it go. Something that is probably hard for all of us to do but would probably keep us all less stressed.

Here's to a good 2013. We hope to MOVE out of our apartment, get Erik a new car, and hopefully go on a fun vacation somewhere. No matter what, 2013 will be great as long as we're together!

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