Sunday, April 7, 2013

Berkeley Bowl

 On Friday after work, Erik & I visited a Berkeley institution - Berkeley Bowl

Berkeley Bowl is a mix between this hippie co-op store in SF called Rainbow, Safeway, and Whole Foods. They had an amazing produce department and the prices were SO good. Their wines were more expensive than Trader Joe's and their cheese department wasn't that great. They did have a hot food bar, great dairy(Clover milk!) and fish choices. We did realize that we are old if we were browsing a grocery store on a Friday night. haha

We weren't there that long since we got there just before closing. We stocked up on bananas and a few other things including THESE pickles, Um, so good.

After the store, we stopped for burritos at Fresco. Brought them home, watched Californication, and called it a night. Good way to end the week!

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