Saturday, April 27, 2013

Friday Blahs

Today, I didn't feel that great. I was so tired and didn't feel well. I worked from home for awhile and then got in bed for a long nap. We were just talking at work about how when you go, go, go, your body finds a way to say, "Ok time for a break." I think that was today. Erik was off today and he had a busy day in his room, garden, etc.

For dinner, we ordered pizza from a local spot, "Bobby G's". We got the "NY Style" pizza but sadly, it wasn't very NYC like. Blah. I miss Papa's Pizza in CT!!

We watched a funny movie tonight --This is 40.

Some parts were funny and we were like oh haha, that is just like real life. Some parts were sort of sad though.

Well, here's hoping the rest of the weekend is better than today was!

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