Sunday, April 21, 2013

Randoms of the Week

Here are just a few random photos from the week...

Evie pulled her bandana out of her toy box so I put it on her. Just call her Aunt Evie-Mima. hahaha. She didn't seem to mind but was happy when I removed it. 

Check out this crazy fruit I saw at Safeway. It's called "Buddha's Hand". Creeeepy

This is my Grandparents wedding photo and our wedding photo. They have been married 60 years. Unbelievable. The looks on their faces just so easily show how in love they are with one another. It's a wonderful photo. Can you believe that next month, we will have been married ONE year!?

We found this tape in a box that Erik still needed to upack. Lord knows what is on it. More importantly, how will we ever find out unless we track down a tape player!? haha. 

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