Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Birthday Celebration

I took Monday and Tuesday off this week in honor of my birthday and was so glad I did. On Monday, Evie and I lounged in the morning and caught an episode of 7th Heaven. Remember that show!!??

Got some chores done around the house and then stopped by the Emeryville shops and got a manicure. 

I received this SUPER cute flowers from my parents :-)

 On Monday night, we met up with friends at Jupiter Pizza in downtown Berkeley for a birthday celebration!

 Tiffany brought these awesome mini cupcakes
 Betsy & I
 Me, Kelsey, & Tiffany

 Me and Kels
 Me, Sarah, and Nicole

 Me & Kira. She is our East Bay buddy and fellow East Coast girl. 
 Awwwww. Me and Erik. Erik organized the night which was so great of him to wrangle everyone. 
He is the BEST!

Our server came by with a birthday beer with a candle on top!
 After blowing out the candle, she told me the tradition at the restaurant is to race your server to chug the beer. Hahaha. Haven't chugged a beer in a long time but I did it. I lost by just a few sips though. Oh well, it was hilarious!
Really great birthday celebration. So grateful for all of my friends to come to my little party!!

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