Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Update

Erik and I tried something this week to help streamline our weekends. We did some errands on Monday night to Home Depot and Target to get a few things. This way, we could put them up during the week vs. going to the store AND putting them up on the weekend. We bought a shelf for the kitchen and a rack for Erik's closet.

On Tuesday, I saw one of my favorite friends - Cristin. Cristin and I were inseperable when she lived in SF but then she moved back to Sacramento so I only get to see her once in awhile.

She came to SF for a work conference so I got to see her on Tuesday night!! We went to Osha Thai for dinner in SF. SO fun to see her!!!

It's been so nice here - sunny and 70's. Out in Pleasanton (where I was on Wednesday) it was 80! So nice. Evie was loving the weather the other night after work. We went to the Ohlone dog park and she was rolling around in the grass.
 I was just sitting in the grass watching her roll around. She was loving it and it seemed like she was laughing as she rolled around. haha

We're so happy it's Thursday. Thursday is like a catch up day from the crazy week and on the eve of the weekend. Our plans for the weekend include.....staying put! We want to stay in Berkeley to be around the house, do errands, clean, organize, and stay in town. Hoping to take our bikes out for a spin to find some new stuff around town. 

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