Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Comal in the Sun

Tuesday was SO nice out. It was HOT in the morning--in the 70's. I walked Evie in a tshirt and was fine! After work, we went to her local fave park - Ohlone Park- to run and roll around. She is so funny the way runs around and dive bombs the grass to roll around. We were out for over an hour doing just that. We also went into the dog park for a quick walk through.

The funnies thing that happened was when she was sniffing the grass and a tiny little Chihuahua came up to Evie. He was so little and wanted to sniff her butt so he literally put his paws on her backside and put his face in her butt. hahah. She barely noticed!

On Tuesday night, our friend Andrea came over to see our place and we also went out to dinner in downtown Berkeley. We went to Comal, a mexican restaurant.

They have a great outdoor patio that we sat on for dinner.

We shared chips, salsa, guac, and I had the mushroom quesadillas for dinner. Everything was delish. It was great to see her and love that we see her more that we live over here. She is right down the road in Oakland - so close!

Good Tuesday!

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