Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blue Agave Club

These past three days have been jam packed until 9pm every night. I woke up today feeling like a total zombie and had to drive out to Pleasanton again for a 9am meeting. Wah.

On Wednesday night, we had our Client in town from New Jersey so we went to dinner with her in Pleasanton. We went to the Blue Agave Club for Mexican and it was delicious! Check out all of this outdoor seating!

We sat outside which was great because it was in the high 60's and nice to be outside. We started with chips and three different types of salsa which was so good.

For dinner, I had the:

Enjococado 100-Year Old Family Recipe! 
Boneless breast of chicken drenched in a sour cream-based 
sauce with roasted guajillo chiles, special herbs and garnished 
with almonds. Served with rice & fried black beans.

It was delicious!! Dinner was great but I didn't get home until around 9pm. I was so tired. Thankfully, Erik takes care of Evie when I'm away like that so I don't have to worry about her.

Ready to do NOTHING tonight!

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