Sunday, April 7, 2013

Theta Time and Lanesplitter

Sunday started off with a trip to the Theta house on UC Berkeley campus. The Theta house was SO nice!

I went to a networking/career day at the Theta house where there were a mix of current students and Theta alumni from various chapters. I met two girls from different schools who graduated in 2008 from the SF Alumni chapter. About sixty girls live in this house and they have a chef, House Mom, and...House Boy. The House Boy is someone who does their maintenance requests and what not. So funny but how lucky they are to have all of that there!!

We met with the students who are interested in similar fields that the alumni currently work in to chat for a little bit. Then, we had lunch together and then there was a speech by one of the alumni. Can you believe kids in college right now were BORN in the 90's!?! There were some alumni there who graduated in the 90's. hah.

After the event, I came home and chilled outside with Erik and Evie. Erik was fussing with the garden and built a flower box out of an old pallet.

Amy came over in the afternoon and Evie was thrilled - two friends and two days!!

We hung out at the house for a little while and then went over to Lanesplitter for pizza. 

They have an outdoor area so we sat out back for pizza. The pizza was ok but we didn't love it and we thought it was overpriced. Everyone raves about this place but we didn't agree. 

It was still great to see Amy and chill out on a Sunday afternoon. 

We had quite the weekend of socializing. We hope to get back to our regularly scheduled organizing and Home Depot shopping next weekend :-)

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