Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tilden Park

Today was so sunny and warm. We are absolutely loving the weather out here. Today, we all went to Tilden Park and walked around a different area of the park. This park is HUGE so it's going to take us awhile to explore! Today, we parked at the Brazillian Room and walked from there. 

 Evie literally leapt out of the car to get into the grass. She was so happy!
Hello, Mr. Tilden

 We went on a legit hike today. We were on trails and had to climb around tree roots to get where we were going. 

 We took the Selby Trail to get over to Lake Anza. We found a great way to get to a secluded part of the lake so Evie could go in and swim around!
 Evie LOVED being in the water. This lake is definitely a swimmable lake so I'm wondering if maybe I will get her a life jacket, wade in there with her, and get her to swim around .She gets so scared when she can't touch the ground. Check her out.

We had an uphill hike back to the car. It was hot and we were sweating! It was good though. Of course, Evie was bounding up ahead of us. We are so happy she is back to normal after her leg surgery last year.

We had to take advantage of the green grass and trees in the park...

Evie and her Dad chillin in the grass
Soooo happy, wet, and tired. Wearing Evie out makes us so happy, you have no idea!

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