Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tribune Tavern

On Monday, we had a co-worker in town so we went to dinner with her at a new restaurant in Oakland called Tribune Tavern . It is right near our office so it was easy to get to.

Tribune Tavern is a new restaurant and is in the Oakland Tribune newspaper building. Here is a little history about the location
A century ago, the Oakland Tribune used the tower’s ground floor as its “local room” —where reporters from different departments worked side by side and shared tips on the news of the day. It was a gathering spot for the great minds of Oakland, and a place where headlines were made. The Tribune Tavern will carry on that tradition—as a place for people to mingle over happy hour drinks, lunch meetings, or dinner—with authentic, nourishing comfort food that’s affordable enough for everyone to enjoy, and a bar stocked with the best locally-made beer and wine.

The restaurant built some outdoor seating on the sidewalk of this restaurant. This part of Oakland really has some crazy characters hanging around. The restaurant has security outside to keep people from bothering the diners. However......

I was sitting facing the sidewalk and I see this guy hanging out near the trash can. He's smiling and looking around. As he comes away from the trash can, he comes towards us and I can tell he's going to be a doozy. This young, white guy has his jeans around his knees, tighty whitey underwear proudly showing and comes up to our table. He is stood there, SALUTED us, and mumbled something and then said, "At your service!" all while smiling.

We were dying laughing. He was so freaking funny and totally harmless but the security guard moved him along. Too funny.

For dinner, we shared a kale salad, arugula salad, grilled asparagus, and I had the local rock cod with butter beans and broccolini. Everything was very good! It's nice to have a good spot so close to work.

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