Sunday, April 21, 2013

Evie and Her Friends

On Thursday, our friend Kira asked us if we wanted to go to Cesar Chavez Park with her dogs Penny and Harley. Evie and Harley have met before so we knew they would be great together. Harley is a few years old but Penny is only 8 mos. Since Evie loooooves puppies, we figured she would be good with Penny, too .They all got along great!!

Evie, Penny, Harley

It was a beautiful, warm day so it was an awesome time at the park. Evie was SO funny because she wanted to lead the group. She said hello to the two dogs and then literally stayed out in front the entire walk. 
We walked the 1 mile loop around the park and then played in the grass. When we took this photo of the dogs, Harley came up to Evie at first and was licking her face. She totally let him, too!

When we went to leave, we dropped Kira, Harley, and Penny off at their car first. When Kira opened the door to let the dogs in, Evie jumped in too!! Penny started biting Evie's ear and guess what....she let her! 
We think that Evie was totally like, I'm the big sister guys. I'll show you what to do here. hahahha

Great time with her doggie pals!

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