Saturday, April 13, 2013

Friday, so good to see you!

 On Friday, I attended an event in the morning and finished working at home in the afternoon. Erik had the day off so I was able to be home with both of them. It was SO nice out; we had shorts and sandals on! Evie was inside and outside all afternoon. It was such a busy week and we were so happy it was Friday!!
I went into Erik's room and set Evie up on the ottoman near the window so she could watch him outside. When I first set her up here, she did something so crazy & funny:
Haha! Jumped right out the window. She didn't get hurt & we didn't let her her do it again.

 Check out this picture of a snail that I captured. He was on our window sill just chugging along!

At the end of the day, we walked down to a restaurant that Erik has been wanting to go to called Revival Bar+Kitchen. They had a great drink list and our meals were So good. The menu is pretty limited though. To start, we shared flatbread with broccoli rabe, meyer lemon, garlic, radish, and egg. So good!

For dinner, I had the handmade ravioli with broccoli, peas, in a carrot buttery sauce. Deeelish!
  Erik had a halibut dish that was also very good.

The service was also VERY good which is always nice. I would go back here but check the menu first to ensure there was something on here that we both wanted before heading inside. 

 On Addison St, there are some cool tiles on the sidewalk and we saw this one while walking to the restaurant. Love the quirks of Berkeley!

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