Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bike. Eat. Rest.

 Today was another gorgeous day so we started it by doing some chores around the house and then taking Evie to Ohlone Park to run. We were able to show Erik this park since he hadn't seen it yet, so that was fun. It was hot out and Evie just ran and ran. She kept stopping to roll around and rest, too. Too funny.

After the park, we hopped on our bikes and biked up to North Berkeley, just a few blocks away. We went to this cute little are on Hopkins Street where there were some cute shops and restaurants.

We locked up our bikes & didn't worry about them getting stolen which is a nice change from San Francisco!

 First, we went to Gioia pizza for a slice of pizza. Quick walk up spot where we grabbed a slice and sat outside to eat it.

It was a busy spot and a line quickly formed!

After pizza, we stopped into the Monterey Fish Market. Remember that Chef from Paulding & Co in Oakland? Well, she said this is a fish store that she goes to and highly recommends!

 We also made a stop at the Monterey Market. This place was very Falletti's like, full of fresh produce. It was PACKED. We picked up a few small things for dinner and moved on quickly.

 We made a final stop at the Berkeley Horticulture Nursery then headed home. We promptly parked our bikes and joined Evie for a nap. Running around and biking around town will make you tired!!

For dinner, we decided to use the grill again (Erik used it) to grill fish we bought and some chicken. 

Check our our makeshift table we made. We brought our beach chairs out and had dinner outside. It was so nice to sit outside, grill dinner, and just chill. Have I mentioned we LOVE where we live now?! :-)

 Erik manning the grill
 Ready to eat!

 Of course, Miss May joined us/begged for food. 

These are the happiest moments. When the three of us are just together and chilling together.

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