Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5 Tuesday

I saw this photo on Pinterest and cracked up laughing. When the world is crazy and you are stressed out, just look at this dog on the horse and have a laugh!! Been awhile since I stopped and did a Top 5 but I think we need it. 

1. Grateful that although she was at the Marathon watching yesterday, Kimmy was not involved in the bombing. How sick/scary is this whole thing? You know what is the worst part, these events are starting to not be super shocking anymore. :-(

2. I am on a new team at work and feel totally lost. It really sucks feeling this way!! I know this is just for right now and won't last forever though. The fact that I know that has to be in the future makes it seem a little better. 

3. We're going to a friends baby shower on Sunday which should be fun to celebrate them!

4. Tacos tonight. Cannot wait. Haven't had tacos in so long. 

5. This weather doesn't suck!

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