Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Productive Sunday

Sunday started with getting up early but getting on the couch to read for a little while. Evie will wake up with me and lay on the couch. It's a great way to start Sunday.

My project for the day was putting together a cabinet unit for the bathroom. Our bathroom is a little weird and seriously has NO storage. We finally decided on a stand up cabinet to act as a linen closet. It took awhile but I'm so glad it's up. I may or may not have thrown the screwdriver when I couldn't get the door hinges on multiple times. Erik saved the day and came in to help me though.

After the cabinet was put together, we took Evie out for a walk. We went back to Ohlone Park for her to run around. She seemed hot and a little tired though. On Saturdays, she is bursting with energy and Sundays she is more calm. She did get comfortable on the deck though by laying in the sun. Erik was toodling around in his garden and HIS room so she was going from where I was, to him, to outside. That alone will exhaust her.

My favorite thing that we did on Sunday was walk downtown for ice cream. There is a place there that sells ice cream for $1 per scoop. Yes, please! We got two scoops each it was the best $5 we spent all weekend!!

The weather was so nice that we had shorts & t-shirts on. When we walked downtown with our ice cream, I said to Erik, "I don't think we ever were able to do this in SF." We RARELY wore shorts and t-shirts in SF because the fog would always roll in at some point in the day.

We had a yummy dinner of turkey burgers Erik made and finished out the weekend by wrapping up Season 4 of Californication. Good weekend!!!

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