Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Wrap Up

This morning, it was so hard to get up for all of us. I think we finally go up around 9am, which is late for me and Evie. We lounged around the house and then went over to the park. This weekend, we also got some other little things done like organize the cabinets. 

Don't mind the two boxes of ramen. That is part of our emergency kit. hahaha

Figured out a way to house all of these one off granola/energy bars, single snacks of stuff so that made me happy!

I got flowers and planted in my flower box. 

We made watermelon and mint juice. We have mint in the garden so we put that in there and it was SO good!

 In the garden, we are starting to see some strawberries.....

 And tomatoes....All thanks to Erik's green thumb!

I saw this hilarious image on  Pinterest and just had to share .It's so true!!

Well, I'm off to the great state of Michigan for the week and Erik is manning the fort. We all know how much I love travelling for work but this time, I actually don't mind that much. I have some pals at our other office that I'm going to see and no clients to see so that's nice!

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