Sunday, March 31, 2013

Goodbye Storage Unit

Today, drove into SF for two reasons - to drop off boxes to our friends who are moving and to clean out our storage unit. As we drove in from sunny Berkeley, we were greeted by rain clouds in SF. 

We saw our friends, had lunch with them, and then headed to the storage unit. We cleaned everything out and closed our account with the Storage place. Thanks for the extra space Public Storage!

When we got home, Evie and I went on a walk down to Strawberry park again. On our way there, we saw this peace mobile. hah

  Here's the little creek that runs through the park...
 Evie wasn't into the water today though

 We saw this sign which could only mean one thing - Thackery Binx opened his own pizza parlor. Bahahaha. We looked into the windows of this place but couldn't figure out what it was. Looked like an arts and crafts center or something.

While we didn't have any Easter egg hunts or chocolate today, we still had a great Sunday!

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