Friday, October 22, 2010


The baseball play offs have been verrrrrry exciting! Can you believe the SF Giants are one win away from going to the World Series!? It's shocking. The city is very excited. In the three years that we've lived here, the Giants haven't been particularly good. The games are fun to attend but we never expect them to make it to the play-offs. So, this has been fun to watch them get farther in the season.

So, tomorrow is Game 6 & if they win - we are going to the World Series!

Ironically, the Yankees are in the play-offs too. I love the Yankees. So fun to see my old home and new home in the play-offs. I think it would be awesome to see the Giants play the Yankees in the Series. Unfortunately, the Yankees are looking like a bunch of geriatrics up against the Texas Rangers. The Rangers have a fun story behind them - the team was pretty much bankrupt, Nolan Ryan is one of the owners, & the team is very young. Here is an interesting article about how the Yankees and Rangers are from different planets!

So, here's hoping the Yankees win tonight & The Giants win tonight!


Taralyn said...

I'm actually thinking our friendship can't survive baseball. Yankees & Giants? Boooooo.

Heather M said...

Aw Taralyn - be a good sport!