Sunday, October 24, 2010

Giants Win!!!

How exciting that the SF Giants are going to the World Series!! Yesterday was a crazy time to find a bar to watch the game in. We wanted to go to Green Sports Bar and there was a LINE to get in. Amy & Janna waited in line & then when we showed up, we decided to try some place else rather than get in line with them.

We tried TWO other bars before finding a place that wasn't crowded. We walked by a funny place called 'CC's Cocktails'. It was pretty empty but they had the game on. The inside was decorated so funny - persian rug on the floor & old dining room chairs with velvet seats. We called it CC's Living Room. haha.

The bar was cash only(which they didn't tell you until you ordered a beer, it was opened & it was time to pay). So, we took turns going to Walgreens to get cash. haha. AND, you could bring in your own snacks. So, each time we went to Walgreens, we'd pick up snacks. When it was my turn, I stopped at the Buffalo Wing place & got wings. haha.

Not surprisingly, this place got full due to the other crowded bars. There were some funny characters there, getting excited for the game. It was really thrilling watching that final inning when the final batter struck out. As we walked back to the car, people were yelling 'Go Giants' and talking to one another about the game. See how sports brings everyone together! haha

Now, it's onto the World Series. Tickets are like $450 so there is no way we are going but it will be fun to root for the Giants & be here in SF.

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