Sunday, October 24, 2010

Separated at Birth

Last night, we realized that Erik's twin plays for the SF Giants. I think that Erik looks like a couple of people. You know how Perez Hilton does his 'Separated at Birth'? Well, here is the Erik version...

Jonathan Sanchez

I think that Erik, Jonathan Sanchez, Maks, & Bryan Greenberg could all be brothers.

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Moonlady said...

I think he looks like different people, too --- I once chased a kid on a bike with my car thru several streets in Milford - thinking he was Erik and wondering why the heck he wouldn't stop so I could give him a ride --- Finally, the kid got tired of being chased and beeped at and stopped --- and oops, it was not Erik. I think I could have been arrested --- and oh yeah, my eyes were better then.