Sunday, October 10, 2010

Werewolves & Zombie Children

We watched two movies last night. First up, a classic from 1981: An American Werewolf in London. Jack & David are two Americans traveling in London & are attacked by a werewolf. No one believes them that a werewolf attacked them & killed Jack. David remains in the hospital and is visited by Jack's ghost who tells him that he is actually also a werewolf & will turn into one by a certain date.

Of course, David doesn't believe Jack but soon enough....David turns into a werewolf.

I really liked this movie. Its from 1981 and the graphics are so bad, it's funny. Plus, Jack's character is pretty funny looking when he comes to visit David.

Next Up, Wicked Little Things. This movie was just like Haunting in Connecticut except things don't happen IN the house, they happen outside the house. A Mom & her two daughters inherit a creeeepy house in the back woods. As soon as they move in, everyone warns them of the Zombie Kids in the woods.

The youngest daughter explores the woods & finds an old mine entrance. She can see the zombie kids & befriends one named Mary. Turns out that the kids were trapped in a mine back in the 1900's and are back for revenge.

Each night, they come out looking for food aka any living thing to eat. Pretty gross, not scary, and surely predictable. Pass on this one.

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