Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Halloween & Zombies

I picked up the best Halloween wine glasses on Friday! Check them out. They were 50% off, too! They will be perfect filled with blood (red wine). haha!

Today, we stopped at BevMo to look for a special beer that Erik was looking for. I found this pumpkin ale to try. I love pumpkin ales. This one is realllllly spicy. It has a ton of nutmeg & cloves taste in it. It's good but it's just a shock to the mouth at first.

Tonight, we watched a movie that I was of course, skeptical about. But, I loved it. This movie was hilarious! Zombieland is a movie about a modern day USA that is taken over by Zombies. They can be hiding anywhere & you have to be prepared. One guy (The guy who plays Mark Z from the FB movie) is on his own & trying to get back to his hometown. He meets up with another guy running from the zombies (Woody Harrelson!). They team up together & find two other girls also on the run.

They go through some interesting things to run from the zombies, find some cool things, meet Bill Murray, and take over an amusement park. It sounds really strange but it was good & funny!

I love that October is a long month. I still have to carve my pumpkins & Erik has more movies for us to watch!

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