Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sushi Time

Hooray for the weekend. Yesterday, I worked from home for part of the day & then had to go to the Client for the afternoon. I got a much needed manicure, too. Erik got home before me & walked Evie, which was awesome.

Then, we rode our bikes to the Pisco Lounge to have a drink with Sierra for her birthday! Erik could never come out to Happy Hour on Fridays so it was very exciting to have him out! After Pisco, we continued on to a sushi place for dinner. This is one of the spots I found near by but we have never been - Amasia Hide Sushi Bar. We shared a couple of rolls & Erik had a sashimi bowl that included pieces of octopus - yuck!

After dinner, we biked home & put on Haunting in Connecticut again. This time, I didn't think it was that scary. Things pop out & there is this scary guy in black that shows up but overall, there is a story behind everything that makes everything not so scary. A family moves into a former mortuary, which of course is a stupid idea, but they have no time to find a home near the hospital where their son is receiving cancer treatments.

Matt, the son with cancer, has these visions of what used to go on in the home & can see all that happened. Once he sees the trapped souls in the home, he tries to free them.

This movie is supposedly based on a true story of a house in CT that had demons in it. Famous ghost hunters - Ed & Lorraine Warren investigated the house & did find activity there. They exercised the house in 1988. When this movie came out, I remember reading that people were driving past the home in CT and taking pictures. The current residents of the home say there is no longer any activity.

Here's a video with Lorraine:

I really think that the old school Poltergeists are scarier than this movie but for a Halloween thrill, check it out.

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