Thursday, October 21, 2010


We picked Evie up on Sunday from Camp & she looked funny. When she gets sick, sometimes her face gets puffy & wrinkly. It's weird but when it happens, I know she is sick. At first I thought she was just really tired but then she also had diarrhea.

It has been so long since she had a little sickness like that - not since we switched her food. So, I think maybe she picked something up at camp or already had a little bug & it just came out on Sunday.

Either way, she has been lethargic, not wanting to eat her breakfast, and quiet. When she is quiet, you know there is a problem. haha.

This AM, she is feeling better. She ate her breakfast & things are looking up. Our morning schedule is working out. The darkness in the AM stinks so I moved her potty time to 630. So we walk 630-7. Then, the sun is coming up at 7 so I work out for 30 min, then get ready for work. This allows me to get her out again for a quick potty before I leave for work.

She is doing well being home all day alone but I still feel really bad. I'm interested in a dog walker but most of the ones I've seen only do group walks. I just can't see her in a group walk next to other dogs or even off leash. Plus, I don't think she would be comfortable having someone come in & take her for a walk. I don't know....if the right person comes along, maybe.

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